A Story of Authentic Beginnings and Unwavering Purpose

Nestled in the founder's backyard within the confines of a simple shipping container on the north side of Richmond, VA, WRBX-RVA Boombox was born from a vision far grander than its humble origins might suggest.

From our earliest days, our mission has been clear and steadfast: to offer a vibrant platform for artists, musicians, and creatives from underserved communities, enabling them to share their talents with the world through live broadcasts. At RVABoombox, we look beyond the conventional metrics of likes or subscribers; what captivates us is the authenticity and originality of the artistic expression.

Our philosophy is straightforward: We welcome all listeners, with a special affinity for those with a deep passion for music. Unmoved by mainstream allure, grandiose stages, or the fleeting hype of the music scene, our focus remains on the essence of music itself—the craftsmanship and exceptional quality that define it. While our roots are deeply embedded in real hip-hop, our doors are open to artists across genres, particularly those who bring a unique voice and captivating niche to our platform.

Join us in our journey to elevate the voices that resonate with truth and passion, transcending the boundaries of traditional music platforms.